Who’s crying now?

Who’s crying now?

During our drive back from CJ’s new college on Saturday, we got this text message:


This was, like, WAY many hours into the drive, so there was really NOTHING we could do at this point.

I asked if it was charged. This seems obvious but with CJ, one never knows. It was.


This is not good.

I start googling on my phone and ask her to start in safe boot mode, or attempt to bring it up with a different set up. Nothing works.

She suggests bringing it to it. It takes just an extra micro-second to figure out “it” is “IT”. I was surprised she would suggest it because it takes effort on her part to *do* something, and go some place…some place she’s not accustomed to. But alas, IT is only opened M-F.

I had contemplated getting her a new computer but she had a perfectly good working one that met the school’s requirements, so we decided not to…then THIS happens. So I quickly started googling new computers from the school’s computer purchase site.

Why couldn’t these be included in all the astronomical fees we have already paid for?

So far, life still seems “normal”.

CJ had been working and out and about in a very active social life before moving out, so it doesn’t feel too different yet. It’s just the _knowing_ that she’s there that still brings tears to my eyes.

But we had a good text conversation today about her classes and her new computer. I worry about her “night before school”, as she tends to get excited and anxious – as most people do – and I’m not there to coax her. Here’s an my blog post about her troubled night before starting fourth grade.

We aren’t there to wake her up – she’s a deep, DEEP sleeper – to make sure she’s not late for her first class.

Yesterday, the dogs seemed to know something was up. Well, at least the twins. Ricky wouldn’t stop jumping and following MiMi around, and Lucy, who is not a follower, would not stop shadowing me or MiMi.

Today, Brenna looks out the window, which she usually does but CJ usually arrives home from work or where ever she’s been.